I am FUMING MAD!!! I first contacted Viking Marine and Ron Dvorak in July of 2010. Ron told me how he was the best motor builder in the state and described his philosophy on outboard motors. 13 MONTHS and $3350.00 and NO RUNNING BOAT!! This guy is a JOKE and so is VIKING Marine! My friend who I referred before I realized what a BS'er Ron turned out to be is getting more of the same run-around and we are both regretting ever getting mixed up with him.

That's right 13 MONTHS to do about 10 hours of work.

Ron is NOT a professional outboard motor builder, he is a professional excuse maker!!!


Monetary Loss: $3350.

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Clermont, Florida, United States #791355

John Mecelli, who wrote this post, is a 40 year old child. He cries about everything, not just our shop.

The friend he referred is Dave and Dave told us, a couple of years ago, that BOTH John's and his motors are RUNNING GREAT. He also ended his friendship with John over what he called, "Childish behavior". Anyone can HIDE behind a computer and say what they want. How could a company that has been in business for 36 years, continue to build quality motors, and maintain an "A" RATING from the BBB (Who DEMANDS ACCOUNTABILITY)if they were this bad.

The answer is simple. We build 50-75 motors, in 2 shops, a year and here are 2 or 3 fabricated complaints.

I thought if it was on the internet it had to be true. :cry :cry :cry :cry

Polk City, Florida, United States #754286

This is John Miceli from Palm Bay. The boat is still running great and he has since apologized.

It say's "Dallas Texas" for Christ Sake. As the owner of Viking Marine Services I have to say, allowing people to write freely, without factual accountability does no service to anyone. I have no idea who this is. We build 1.5 motors per week, about 75 a year and we have been doing it since 1976 some THIRTY EIGHT YEARS.

We have an A rating with the BBB and been listed as a "Business in Good Standing" with Dunn and Bradstreet since 1979. These agencies DEMAND FACTS when complaints are filed. We build affordable, quality outboard motors and have thousands of satisfied customers. It's a shame people find pleasure in posting false complaints.

Most of the time it is a rival shop who is not able to keep up with us. That is what you get when there is absolutely NO ACCOUNTABILITY.


More blathering on and excuses from a tired old man. This guy doesn't give a *** about his workmanship and even less about his customers. I just had a reputable mechanic look at my engine after a very ginger break in period. The leaking heads and gaskets that I pointed out to Ron are STILL leaking. He told me it would stop after the motor was broken in. More lies!! The motor was running a little rough since I got it and come to find out Ron installed a bad trigger and only five of the 6 spark plugs were firing. The motor ran like this from the beginning. Ron has a pile of junk in his garage that he picks through to build these GREAT motors he says he has been building for 35 years. And more BS from from Ron about my good friend Dave who found his gauges hooked up with an extension chord. I wonder who did that Ron? I have pictures of the shoty wiring job, the leaking gaskets on my engine if anyone is interested. Instead of using a proper wiring harness for the coil assemblies on my engine, Ron uses butt connectors and lighting wire. Now I have to pay about $200 plus labor to get the trigger fixed and all the cylinders firing. Par for the course when you are dealing with Viking Marine. Ron has an excuse for everything and when your stuff doesn't work he will tell you to bring it back so it can sit in his yard for more weeks. Ron doesn't like hearing the truth and that is why he is calling me a crybaby, but the truth is this guy will *** over at the drop of a hat. I welcome you to speak to Dave who Ron refers to in his rebuttal. He will tell you more horror stories in dealing with Ron.

As I said before.


to John Miceli Sebastian, Florida, United States #652447

I, like surely so many others, had a worse experience. Absolutely horrible!

1 1/2 years, scores of excuses, 4 loooooog drives back to have it attempted to be fixed right, and finally $2500.00 spent on a real marine mechanic. There HAS to be more out there like me!


Best way to read this is to click on my user name so you can see all of the text. We have been in business for OVER 35 YEARS and the review written by giovani, above, is TOTALLY INVALID.

His name is John Miceli and his friends describe him and an angry child. Nothing is ever right. He has a 15' Viper with a V-6 Mercury that we built for him. The boat, according to John, "Runs Perfect".

His friend that he makes reference to is named David and he is more than happy with his boat. Call us at (863) 984-8665 and we will be happy to pass his number to you. By the way, David is no longer John's friend because, as David puts it, "He a big cry baby". If someone has a problem with one of our motors they need to call US.

John FORGOT to mention that we discovered the transom was bad when removing his old motor. Most shops would have just installed the motor anyway just to get paid, WE DID NOT. The boat was NEVER at our shop for that kind of time, although motors do take from 6-12 weeks to complete, depending on the time of year. Most people are willing to wait for a good motor.

John also suggests that I told him I was "The Best Motor Builder in Florida". While I am very good, I would never make a statement like that even if it were true. I don't let my ego get in the way, TAKE A LESSON HERE, JOHN. We have the best warranty in the business and honor it regaurdless.

If fact, John, who states, "NO RUNNING BOAT", broke his lower unit after a couple of runs. EVEN AFTER he filed a complaint with the BBB, which was closed as "Invalid", we WARRANTIED the lower unit. A new one was installed, NO CHARGE, and his boat runs perfect. We DO NOT treat IDIOTS with any less respect than any other customer.

WE HAVE NOT HEARD ANYTHING FROM JOHN MICELI SINCE. Please read the legitimate reviews and understand that it doesn't take any valid complaint to write an invalid review. Check with the BBB if you have any questions about our 36 YEARS of service to the Boating Community, and some 500 Motor Sales over the years.

Feel free to call me, Ron Dvorak, at (352) 242-4480, Toll Free at (888) 984-8665, or Cell at (863) 670-3952. I am, as always, available 24/7.......

to Ron Dvorak Tampa, Florida, United States #867931

Ron Dvorak is a scam artist and a story teller. He will lie straight to your face and take your money then will tell you that your motor had a pre existing problem and make you feel like you are the problem.

This guy has nothing but terrible reviews all over the internet. He ripped me off for $2500 and he dragged it out for almost a year with his BS stories. How has this *** bag not been arrested for fraud.

American greed needs to do a story on him. Do not trust Ron Dvorak/ Viking Marine, he will rip you off!!!

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